Hi guys and gals !

As you can see I went international 😉 . Today I’ve decided to change the language of this blog. First of all I must admit that I don’t speak English very well, so if you are disappointed with level of my grammar or find mistakes, just correct me or kill my English teacher 😉 .

There are few reasons why I’ve decided to write it in universal language. The is so kind that it provides the free account with pretty awesome stats engine. The referrers section shows that the most of my visitors are outside of Polish boundary. Besides I saw that few people tried to open my blog through automatic translation services. I saw the output of those services and it is horrible . Actually there’s no single sentence translated well 🙂 . Writing in English gives me a great opportunity to communicate with more and more people from around the world and I believe that’s a good way to learn the language.

I will not translate my previous posts because I’m too lazy, but I consider making basic tutorial about making interior visualizations. It will cover some aspects of working in linear space and using new features of upcoming vray 1.5.

So here is the English version for all my friends who doesn’t understand my native language. Hope you will enjoy it! Now it is your turn to subscribe the RSS feed and give me some feedback 😉 I’m waiting for comments and critiques.




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