Free model and Maxwell


I would like to share with you the model I’ve created some time ago for Aliante. I’ve decided not to use it in this scene. Instead of this I will model the armchair that is originally on the reference photo.

The free model is called Evolution, it was designed by studio ora-ito and produced by Zanotta. I modeled it from scratch in modo. The file is in obj format and it is already subdivided. If you want to make it smoother you can subdivide it once again. Hope you like it 😉 .

download Evolution by Zanotta (obj file) – 447 KB

download Evolution by Zanotta (max9 file) – 1971 KB

I’ve made a quick maxwell render test lately. I wanted to find out how maxwell materials work and compare render times and quality of lighting with other rendering applications. My conclusion is that if you want a highest quality GI for a still image chose maxwell. The lighting and shadows quality is amazing comparing to the most common vray method – IR+LC. The light cache is just not enough to create deep shadows. If you want to make comparable rendering with vray you have to use QMC+QMC which sometimes can be slower than maxwell. Unfortunately there’s no way to use maxwell to render high resolution image or animation without a render farm 🙂 . That’s why vray is still the best choice for architectural visualization companies.

In my opinion the most important thing that you need to know to create a photo realistic rendering is how to create physically correct materials and how to balance them well with scene lighting. Maxwell delivers powerful material editor which helps to archive correct results. I really like the approach to physically based materials. You need to try it.

The last thing I would like point out is the thing called multilight. Maxwell render creates layered high dynamic range image. Each emitter has its own layer which means that it is possible to control the intensity of every single light in the scene after rendering. That’s pretty nice 🙂 . You can animate lights to create an illusion of time lapse. Naturally you can save the render in HDR format which is sweet too.

Here is the image I created. That’s what came out after 14 hours of rendering, still noisy 😐 . I corrected few things in photoshop.


You can see the Evolution chair on the left and the railings on the right. The new armchair will be based on them. I still need to create a detailed leather part and compose it well to Aliante. I will post modeling timelapse as soon as I finish.

Cheers, Paweł


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