BRIO Mighty Red Locomotive


Here’s my latest work done for Win Fry License contest on . As you can see the image is watermarked, that’s because it was rendered in demo version. There is only one main prize – full Fry license.

It was my first attempt to sculpting, and rendering in this soft. Few days of hard work.

So, the main object is a plastic toy manufactured by BRIO. Beautiful piece of design in my opinion. I wanted it to look like it was used for some time, so I added some scratches on the clean plastic surface as well as the small imperfections of the original shape using specular and displacement maps. I added sub surface scattering layers to red and yellow plastic materials to simulate the light penetrating inside the object.

I planned to reach a higher amount of complexity of the scene, but after considering the limitation of the highest resolution that demo version can handle, it turned out pointless. There was no place for additional objects in the frame; I had to keep camera as close to the main object as it was possible to show off the tiny displacement effect. Besides of that I wouldn’t find time to create some extra objects.

Anyway, here’s the image. Hope you like it.

BRIO Mighty Red Locomotive

I would like to share with you some information about the work-flow:


main object base mesh – 12 000 polys
subdivision lvl 2 – 190 000 polys




uv mapping

After modeling locomotive and rails I made uv maps for every single object in the scene.



Diffuse and specular maps have been painted directly on the mesh.
Thanks to Zipper for providing me fantastic scratch maps.

Specular map:



The subdivided mesh was displaced using image based sculpting. The final GL triangles count was over 2 millions.
The baked displacement map was 1024×1024.


Displacement map:



Only 2 lights. The bluish light on the left is just a simple plane. On the right side the warm emitter is applied to the fairly small geosphere. The rendering time was about 50-60 hours, but most of time it was on low priority. The main issue was the sss noise. I had to use aeronoise a lot.

Here’s a small gif showing SSS and displacement in the scene:

sss toggle

OK, that’s about it.

I will post a new free model and time-lapse modeling movie as soon as I figure out how to embed a high quality movie on the blog 🙂 More info soon.

Cheers, Paweł


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