aliante variation

I know that there was no aliante update for a long time, sorry. This is not the update I planned to do. In fact this is just a quick color variation done in Fryrender.

I want to port this scene to FR 1.9. Since the scene is pretty heavy and I have only 1 GB RAM available, I wanted to check if it won’t crash. I exported the geometry and started experimenting with light and material settings. That’s what came out.

Nothing special, but I thought you might like this unusual chocolate style 🙂 Please ignore perspective distortion 😉

Render time: 5 hours

Cheers, Paweł


6 thoughts on “aliante variation”

  1. @mity No ma coś w sobie, szkoda tylko że renderki strasznie długo sie czyszczą :P. Dzięki za komentarz, zaczełem już podejrzewać że nikt tu nie wchodzi 😉

  2. @3d circle: Few days ago Feversoft announced some memory improvements, so you should be able to render this kind of scene even thought you don’t have 1Gb. We all need faster machines 🙂

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