Mr. Googles

I was always a little hesitant about organic modeling, as it seemed much harder than technical stuff. When you have a proper reference material modeling in-organic form is nothing more than placing vertices in correct places. Modeling character is a whole different story. You have to understand topology and involve more creativity to make believable shapes. Anyway, I hadn’t even tried to model some organics until yesterday. I have downloaded Mudbox trial and simple basemesh to start with and that’s what came out after 8 hours of sculpting. I wanted to create a guy with photo lenses pluged into his eye sockets ;P


This work gave me more confidace about my modeling skills, so hopefuly I will make more organic stuff in the future. Obviously I still have to learn much about the topology, proportions and anatomy to create my own base meshes 🙂 Here’s the rendered version with clay material applied.



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