New fryrender version

It’s about time to share some news with you guys. First of all happy birthday to my blog. I started posting here in January 2007. It’s quite a long time since I do it, but it still gives me a great satisfaction even thought I post rarely 😛 . I would like to thank you all for your support and comments.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Feversoft has updated Fry web page and released 1.9.1 version recently (both full and demo). They did some bug fixing and minor changes. It feels a bit slower than 1.9 at first, but it may be just a different noise distribution, it requires some tests. Anyway, I did a small render after I got it. You know this scene from my previous posts. Here is some info:

rendering engine: Fryrender vbeta1.9.1 (64-bit)
objects: 29
triangles: 2446660

I couldn’t find time to create fry materials and lights for this scene, so every object has a simple white diffuse material applied. There’s only one source of light – physical sky/sun. Sorry.

System specifications: Core 2 duo 6300@1.86 GHz/1GB RAM
original resolution: 1200x900
render time: 09h 38m 20s (141 passes)
efficiency: 76 samples
camera settings: 28mm f/8 1/125s ISO 100

Keep in mind that there are no exit portals added to this scene.

Here’s the image. It was post processed in external application. I sharpened it up, changed levels and colours a bit. Finally, it was resized to this.


I’ll try to add more detail, materials and lights in the future, but I’m really busy with my university these days, so don’t expect anything soon 😦



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