Lego 6399 retrospection

I’m in very romantic mood today, so I decided to make a little retrospection of my 3d work. These renders were created back in 2003. Actually, these were my first steps in world of modeling and rendering. Even thought they’re not so hot, I really love them.

I remember sleepless nights spend behind the monitor, trying to understand basics of box modeling and rendering in “Brazil public test”. Listening to Moby – Play all the time and dreaming about beautiful renderings 😉 Those were the times… I modeled this train brick by brick, trying to be as accurate as it was possible. When I look back at the amount of time I spent to create these models and materials, I start to believe that it was a true passion that led me to finish these scenes. And believe me, every time I finished new render I felt like reaching Mt. Everest. I’m very proud of these works.

Here’s the first one. I believe that it was my first render with global illumination. Only one GI ray bounce. I remember that I couldn’t figure out why interior is so dark comparing to overexposed exterior 😉 Simple opacity material on windows 😀


Next one was created in higher resolution, but I changed some settings and it turned out totally out of brightness and contrast, so I decided not to post it on deviantart. I corrected this in photoshop and post it today, after 5 years 😀


Shortly after creating above scene I started to experiment with direct lights and global illumination. I wanted to create something that will look like sunlight. Well, sort of 🙂 . I did few tests and ended up with something totally different, but I liked it a lot.

That was my very first render with depth of field effect.


I remember being amazed by HDRI technology. I saw few fantastic renders on deviantart and I wanted to try it by myself, so I took the first scene and made this one. Once again I had problems with handling tone range, contrast… This time I post it with propper curves correction.


This one may look really simple, but it is very important for me. This is my first test render with falloff maps set to simulate fresnel reflections on both plastic and glass. From that moment I use this technique for almost every material 🙂


After few months I decided to remake the first scene. I gained some experience in creating materials and lights. I remodeled few boolean bugs and give it a try. Believe it or not, but there is no global illumination in this scene (thats why interior is so dark). I used few area lights to create this effect. The rendering time was crazy… few days of rendering. I love this image 🙂


And here’s the last one. I haven’t showed it to anyone until now. It was heavily inspired by fantastic render by André Candarel. Thanks.


I may use this model to render something more complex in the future. Who knows 😉



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