FZ50 GTR wip

Updated: 28th Mar 2008 ▼

Unfortunately, I have to put this project on hold for next two weeks. I have some commercial work to do.

Here’s the newest render. I did some uv mapping the day before yesterday and painted few textures. The wheel is finished.

That’s what came out after 15 hours of render. Original resolution – 1600×1200, 2 light layers. I did some slight sharpening, levels, saturation correction and added some grain in post processing.




As you can see fry has some problems with sun shading. Glare covered it a bit, but it is still noticeable. Nothing hard to fix thought.

Here’s 1:1 close up on rim. I have to cut down bump effect in few places.


Updated: 25th Mar 2008 ▼


Ok, here’s the brake caliper. I used weight maps instead of bevelling edges to model this one. This technique is less accurate but it’s fast. It doesn’t require solving many topology problems. Great for this kind of hard shapes.

I UV mapped it (as well as few other parts) and baked Ambient Occlusion pass. Then I painted two diffuse maps: rusty and polished metal. Then I set AO map as a weight map to make a transition between dusty and clean parts and painted over it to control this effect.

This is just a test render (not fryrender) so the final look may differ much. I have to create some kind of logo on the front part and new bump map for polished part. At the moment there is only one high frequency map for whole object.

I did some experimenting with motion blur other day and discovered that fryrender does not support object moblur which is kind of disappointment. I wanted to create blur for rotating rim but there’s only camera effect available at the moment. The only workaround is to render velocity pass and use it to create moblur in post work. I haven’t tried it yet, but I send my scene to Zipper and he did some testing with vray. He added some smoke made in fumefx and rendered nice animation.

It is still very early, but it looks promising. We’ll try to improve it and post some stills or whole animation when it will be finished.

I want to finish up material work for wheel area and start fighting with headlights. I have a plan for first big “final” render of front area made in Fryrender as soon as I finish it. It will be studioshot.

“On track” exterior render is planned too. I’ll have to test this velocity pass and motion blur.

I’m not going to model interior because I have no time. At least not now.

Updated: 8th Mar 2008 ▼

Ok, I couldn’t resist. Here’s a next render before finishing headlights and brakes 😛 . I added few details and rebuilded front part of the bumper.


Fryrender as always 🙂

Updated: 6th Mar 2008 ▼

Long time no update, sorry. This time some wires and shaded views. I managed to model rims and brake rotor. The side wing attached to the bumper is completely remodelled.

I’ll make some fry render when I finish brakes, tires and front lights.




Updated: 20th Feb 2008 ▼

Ok, so here’s a small update. As you can see I’ve corrected few things and added some detail to the side of the bumper. The connection between the hood and the bumper still needs some work. I’ll try to finish it up and start working on the headlights next time.


Started: 18th Feb 2008 ▼

Have you ever heard about Live for Speed? If so you might be interested in this one.

I started playing this racing simulator few weeks ago and it really sucked me in. The game might be a little difficult for beginners, but it is worth to spend some time to learn it. It’s pure fun. We play online with few friends from time to time, if you want to join us drop me a line on e-mail or ICQ.

Few days ago I came across the idea to create a realistic render of one of the best lfs cars – FZR. Here’s the first wip rendered in Fryrender. It might look to thin at first sight, but that’s just a wide angle camera used in this render.


The mesh needs some improvements in places marked with black circles, so expect some updates soon.

That’s all for now.



7 thoughts on “FZ50 GTR wip”

  1. Hi Matias, I don’t own maxwell license. I did some testing on my friends computer. Although it had some problems with highlights area sampling, I was fairly satisfied with results. Then I got Fryrender license as a result of a contest. That’s why I use it right now. I don’t want to compare these two products, they’re both worth the money 🙂

  2. @molock
    No, I haven’t but I will download a demo when I find some time 🙂

    Yes it works just like in Vray, but you need a different workflow. In case of the batteries you showed on the forum you set the vray camera above and point it to the object. The perspective is bad but you can fix it with a slider with live output on the viewport.

    Fryrender handles the same job differently. You set the camera above just like in Vray, but you HAVE to set camera target on the exact same height. So you end up with the camera looking above batteries (most probably you won’t see them in your viewport). Notice that all the vertical lines are paraller now.
    Now it’s time to shift the lens. You can shift it on X or Y axis. You won’t see it on the viewport but it will work when rendered. Set Y shift to some positive value. +20 should work.
    Remember that you can shift it negatively too.
    Let me know if it still won’t work.

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