Waiting for Fryrender RC

It looks like Feversoft is going to hit us with some serious update in the near future. According to developers, Fryrender Release Candidate will introduce new features and will be much faster than current version. I hope so.

If you haven’t done it already, go to fryrender forum and read latest technology announcements, you will find some promising stuff there.

Let’s sum it up:


  • new engine will simply be able to process more samples per second 😀
  • faster network operations, thanks to much smaller RAM footprint
  • faster rendering of instanced geometry
  • faster dispersed dielectrics
  • faster micro poly displacement


  • up to 3 times less RAM consumption
  • the way samples will be combined and distributed on the image will result in uniform noise (I think that this one is really important)
  • improved glossy BRDF
  • improved frosted and colored dielectrics

New features:

  • new console commands, f.e. merging many dsi files easily
  • modified network rendering with totally new interface
  • FeverFARM (embedded, fully automated remote render service; kinda great idea!)
  • midpoint slider for displacement
  • enhancement option for displacement (it will combine displacement and auto generated normal map for fine detail)

As you can see, the list of changes will be long and sweet.

I did some upgrades to my computer lately. It should be 2,5 times faster than my previous machine. Combine it with overall Fryrender RC speedup – around 1,5 up to 2 times and you get the idea…

I can’t wait.


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