Fryrender RC is out

I didn’t have to wait long 🙂 Release Candidate has been released shortly after my last post.

I grabbed it this morning and started testing its abilities. I must say that truly, this version is a milestone for Feversoft…

Here’s a little comparison I did using beta 1.9.1 and the latest release (the image below is post-processed).

The scene contains one thousand teapots with dispersed glass material applied. Each teapot is instanced. They’re lit up by 2 light layers: sun+sky and spotlight. I placed one sphere on the left to test glossy BRDF.

I run each test for 3 hours.

Here’s the comparison between 1.9.1 and RC:

As you can see RC handles more samples per second. Dielectrics and glossy metal look much better in my opinion. Noise distribution is more uniform. Even the color tone is slightly different, better.

This layer proves that it is extremely hard to render caustics and reflections in this kind of scene. Despite bright reflections on teapots result is really nice. Shading on the glossy sphere is smoother, overall noise level is much lower.

RC really feels much more efficient, but it seems that emitters in 1.9.1 were much brighter, strange.

Here you can download all results in lossless format, including images rendered few days ago on Core 2 Duo E6300 1,83Ghz with 1.9.1.


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