Tutorial: Welding 3d tubes

Here’s a quick video tutorial about modeling and sculpting welded tubes for bike frameset. Most of it was made by my friend Pedro Amorim. He created a nice video to explain making of these welds in ZBrush using some simple intersecting cylinders as a base mesh. Although this technique is really great I had some doubts about exporting it for efficient rendering, so I made my own base mesh with UV map and let Pedro play with it a bit more in ZB.

I think that this extra 30 minutes of modeling and Uving base mesh is really worth it if you plan to export sculpted data for fast renderings.

Most of my video is cleaning mesh after connecting tubes using boolean operations. I’m not the biggest fan of booleans, but I think this is the quickest way to connect random tubes in space and maintain nice shape.

part 1 – Modeling Welded Tubes by me (2x timelapse, no sound)

part 2 – Sculpting and Rendering Welded Tubes by Pedro (2x timelapse, no sound)

Reference material

reference material
reference material
final render
final render

Hope you enjoy!


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