People who have influenced my work

I just want to pick up my biggest 3d inspirations just in case you haven’t seen this work yet. Check it out cause it’s worth it. Without these guys I won’t be such a 3d freak as I am today 🙂 They amazed me, gave ideas, showed how, and they still do.

Name – Country – Why?

In alphabetical order:

  1. Benjamin “tora_2097” Brosdau – Germany – For pure quality.
  2. Tobias Dahlén – Sweden – I could write a whole post about his influence on my early years. Let’s just say for being innovative.
  3. Dmitry “dimosbarbos” Golikov – Russia – There’s whole bunch of great Russian 3d artists. He is one of the best.
  4. Peter Guthrie – United Kingdom – For being efficient and creative.
  5. Hao Ke La – USA – For sharing knowledge and always inspiring work.
  6. Jonatan Catalan “sytron” Navarrete – Spain – For showing us true beauty of unbiased renderings.
  7. Jesus “zuliban” Selvera – Mexico – For always being few steps ahead.
  8. Jorge “under1979” Seva aka Alex “ThirdSeventh” Roman – Spain – For bringing archviz to another level.
  9. Kim “ev-one” Stapleton – Australia – For inspiring style.
  10. Łukasz “wodewil” Truchalski – Poland – If I had to choose the biggest inspiration on a local market I would point him. No doubt.

I realize that I missed many great artist that should have been listed here, but I want to keep this list tight. Hope you’ll understand 🙂

I would like to thank all of you guys!!!



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