People who have influenced my work

I just want to pick up my biggest 3d inspirations just in case you haven’t seen this work yet. Check it out cause it’s worth it. Without these guys I won’t be such a 3d freak as I am today 🙂 They amazed me, gave ideas, showed how, and they still do.

Name – Country – Why?

In alphabetical order:

  1. Benjamin “tora_2097” Brosdau – Germany – For pure quality.
  2. Tobias Dahlén – Sweden – I could write a whole post about his influence on my early years. Let’s just say for being innovative.
  3. Dmitry “dimosbarbos” Golikov – Russia – There’s whole bunch of great Russian 3d artists. He is one of the best.
  4. Peter Guthrie – United Kingdom – For being efficient and creative.
  5. Hao Ke La – USA – For sharing knowledge and always inspiring work.
  6. Jonatan Catalan “sytron” Navarrete – Spain – For showing us true beauty of unbiased renderings.
  7. Jesus “zuliban” Selvera – Mexico – For always being few steps ahead.
  8. Jorge “under1979” Seva aka Alex “ThirdSeventh” Roman – Spain – For bringing archviz to another level.
  9. Kim “ev-one” Stapleton – Australia – For inspiring style.
  10. Łukasz “wodewil” Truchalski – Poland – If I had to choose the biggest inspiration on a local market I would point him. No doubt.

I realize that I missed many great artist that should have been listed here, but I want to keep this list tight. Hope you’ll understand 🙂

I would like to thank all of you guys!!!



7 thoughts on “People who have influenced my work”

  1. Nice post!

    I’ve seen half of them and had a great time
    watching the works of the rest 🙂

    Zuliban is my favorite as far as photorealism is concerned!

    I saw that Hao Ke La has a tutorial on the Area but
    I can’t find it. Would you point the link if you know it?

    Good day!

    P.S. Log on ICQ when you have time 🙂

  2. Really nice high class selection…Oh yeah!

    My favourite is Zuliban , at least once per week I watch “Apartment 1618” in London…And doesn´t matter how much time pass…Always it bring me to awesomeness everytime…

    Jorge Seva is special too…Maybe his feeling , his choices to do great architecture (some of them japanese… Mmmm) and his knowledge about photography for film give his works and special feeling…

    Thanks for this great post…I love it!

    1. Some bold stuff, but I don’t feel this kind of emotional connection to his work as I feel to work of listed guys. Dunno why. He has one of the best folios in the industry, no doubt.

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