Lego Plane remake

Hi, I want to share few renders from a Lego Plane series I did over a month ago.

It was late 2004 when I started this project if I remember correctly. I had my Lego train rendered already and wanted to make another model. I didn’t know much about modeling to be honest, but I was patient and careful and the model wasn’t actually that hard. I think it took me around 2 weeks to finish it. Although the wireframe was a total mess I was satisfied with results. There were no visible smoothing problems but the mesh was heavy. As a result I had to deal with ridiculous render times. I remember waiting two days for this one 🙂 Funny times.

I came back to it in 2006, modeled few missing parts and added some simple materials. I messed a bit with Vray which turned out to be super efficient for full GI scenes. I came up with this one and once again left the scene unfinished.

A month ago I decided to finish this model once for all. Initially I planned to add missing textures and model few minifigs. After doing so I decided to remodel whole plane. I just couldn’t stand those horrible booleans 😀 It took me over a week of hard work to finish it all and turned out to be quite fun and learning experience. Meshes are clean and efficient now. Poly count is cut almost by half. I’ve  put it in a simple box and made few renders in Fry.

Here are results. Click for full resolution.




Take off. This time rendered in much higher resolution. Variations made using layer blending.





Night version was done for a special request on Fryrender forum. Unfortunately I couldn’t find time to bake it in high rez.


And here are wireframes. 





As you can see I tried to be accurate. LDRAW models helped me a lot but I had to measure real life bricks anyway to keep it all realistic.

I’ll put this model in an interior scene I plan to do in near future so expect more renders, but for now I’m working on some FZR updates. Stay tuned.

As always comments are appreciated! By the way, this blog has reached 50k views just recently. It’s quite an achievement for me 😀

Thanks for support!



12 thoughts on “Lego Plane remake”

  1. Hey… Your fans is increasing dude 🙂 .
    I told you in another place, but it´s a great job…you got us spoiled.

    Keep working!

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