Speedies: Quick Nut

Here’s something new for all modeling freaks. If you like fighting with polys or would like to learn it you might be interested in this one. There’s a new project established by me and Pedro Amorim – Speedies.


The idea is simple. We are a small group of people (currently 12 members) devoted to 3d graphics of all sort. We want to communicate and share knowledge. We meet on IRC channel and do speed modeling contest weekly. No prizes, just good fun and learning experience. We use dropbox to share models, images, and timelapse videos.

We have car modeling freaks, game artists, architecture visualisers etc. Everyone can propose a modeling topic so we hope for a wide variety of subjects. We hope to generate around 2gb of video material every week.


Currently our small community is closed to public because we are still in sort of planning state. Hopefully we will be able to invite more people next week. I’ll post more info about  joining and rules soon. In the meanwhile I want to show you an example of what you can find in Speedies folder – Quick nut in Modo


I’m cooking a “How to record timelapse” tutorial and plan to post it here as well so stay tuned.

Remeber, it’s all for fun 🙂



5 thoughts on “Speedies: Quick Nut”

  1. When joining rules are written, maybe I can propose some persons…But I need to know the rules about this.I was invited, an invited can invites? 😛

    Nice post!…

  2. @Borja Hey, since free dropbox is so small we want to control our team size. At the moment we have 2 entries in and they took almost half of available space.

    Clearly we have to come up with some smart drop management and uploading rules. I’ll make some proposals and show it off on the channel.

    Everyone will be able to invite friends but we need to control it somehow. Drop me a line, we’ll talk about it on channel 🙂

  3. @labad

    Yeah, that’s why it’s a quick nut 😉

    I’m writing joining rules at the moment. I’ll post a complete file with regulations, member list, how to join etc.

    I may even create a separate page here regarding membership.

    We hope to open invitations and start another speedie this weekend.

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