Speedies: Theme 1


I want to share my entry for the first theme at our modeling group – Speedies. I uploaded (almost) complete session on vimeo as a x50 time lapse. You can find it here. It wasn’t technically possible to upload original x4 material anywhere outside Speedies, so x50 in HD is all I can offer 🙂

The first theme was rather complicated – we had to model this machinery:


Only one reference photo given, no dimensions. It turned out to be harder than I expected, but it was fun at the same time.

Someone at #Speedies said that it’s a part of a tank… but I’m not sure about it 😀

Let me know if you know what it is 🙂

Some facts about this modeling session:

  • Modeling time: ~10,5 hours
  • Raw video size: ~49 Gb, 1680×945
  • Speedies members were able to download x4 time lapse, 800×450 material in 17 parts
  • Around 2% of material was dropped due to problems with CamStudio
  • Compressed video size: 869 Mb
  • Polygons generated: 32 378 (32 336 quads)
  • I had to work on default modo layout so there are some minor customizations going on during the session
  • I used 100% freeware software to generate these videos as described in this tutorial

I did a couple of quick renders in Fry (sp1) to show you how it looks finished:





Speedies is a great learning experience for me. Recording whole session proved to be very useful in a later interface customization process. I learned a lot about planning the work flow too.

There will be a separate page on this blog in upcoming week. You’ll find there more information about the group and how to join. I’m not sure if it will pop up in RSS channel so keep your eyes wide open.

That’s all for today 🙂

Happy Easter guys! Best wishes!


4 thoughts on “Speedies: Theme 1”

    1. I planned this session before I even opened modeler, it saves a lot of time. Now I can see it could be done much better. Some parts are really chaotic 😀 Recording time lapse is really helpful in finding all these glitches in workflow.

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