LFS Scirocco

One of the main strengths of LFS community is skinning. There’s a whole section on forum devoted to custom made skins. There’s even a special application made by developers to make a process of texture making and viewing much easier, so there’s a full support for handy mans. If you look carefully you might even find 3d scenes ready to modify or render 🙂

The average quality of custom made skins is very high and that’s one of the things that makes this game so great in my opinion. A game without a modding community is a game without a spirit…

Some time ago I decided to join these guys and contribute somehow. Since my skinning skills are rather poor I decided to make a 3d scene and render some variations.

While browsing forums I found a VW Scirocco (VWS) 3d model and instantly though about using it. VWS is a part of next, unreleased LFS patch. It was postponed few months ago and the official release time is “when it’s done” so you can imagine that some players are really anxious about that 😉

Anyway, some smart guy managed to get this model out of a new version of CMX Viewer and shared it on forum. I made materials, reworked smoothing groups and replaced few details like: headlights, wheels, VW badge and other minor stuff.

Here are finished renders.

First one was made with a skin kindly provided by Mogster. As you can see he makes some sweet custom LFS stuff.


Front, back and side renders are a bit older and were rendered in Fry Sp1.



Hope you like it 🙂


3 thoughts on “LFS Scirocco”

    1. I thought they said it would be ready for 19th December 2008, well its almost 2010 and its not out. they had it at the Games Convention in 2008 but now there is a “problem” with the tyre physics. how do we know that lfs hasn’t just hired out a scirocco from hertz and vw dont have a clue.

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