Speedies: Theme 2

Today I want to share my second Speedies entry. This time it’s sort of related to game modeling. We had to model AimPoint sight. You mount this thing on top of your rifle ,if you have one ;). It’s quite common in modern shooting games so you might have seen it already many times.

Even though Pedro has provided many reference pictures I was a bit afraid of this challenge. It’s the first time I model something related to guns actually.

I had some problems with setting reference properly but the AimPoint itself turned out to be quite easy to model. It was a quick session (~4h) so I wanted to add something more to make it look more complete. I picked a nice mounting and spent another 4 hours modeling it. Harder than I expected but still fun to do. Here’s the result.




Finally I did a couple of renders in Fry Sp1.



You can find 50x time lapse here. Unfortunately, 2 parts out of 10 got corrupted while recording and are not included. I’ve found the workaround for this problem (already added to recording tutorial) so hopefully it won’t happen with next recording session.

By the way, I’m working on Speedies T3 right now. This one goes extremely slow as I’m busy with other stuff, but I plan to finish it this week.

Oh, and the Speedies info section here… should be up very soon.



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