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Just wanted to write a quick note about stuff I’m working on right now. Sorry for a longer delay. I realize some of you are waiting for Fryrender tutorial I promised last time so I want to let you know that I’m still alive, working on it and on many other things.

Last months were pretty busy. I did few commercial projects,  reviewed some of my older scenes, trained organic modeling (my first ear :D), started planning two collaborations and next Speedies theme (back to hard surface modeling) and raced a lot of laps in LFS 😉 . I also had a few short but lovely weekend trips with friends. Thanks guys!

Although Fryrender Scene Optimization tutorial is almost finished I’ll wait a bit with publication. I’ll send it to couple of guys and ask them to review it. I want to make sure all the technical stuff I’m writing about is true…

Besides this, I’m preparing more posts with Speedies updates, some stuff about productviz modeling, and another tutorial (short one) about texturing. Let’s say 33% of this stuff is done.

I’ve created a Facebook account lately, so if you’re registered there feel free to add me. If you’re not, I suggest you to try it as it’s a really cool site with lots of interesting features. It’s also a quick way to connect and share information. Let’s socialize! 😉

Ok, so here are some of images I can show you:



About future plans, looks like there will be lots of modeling for both commercial and personal projects in upcoming weeks. I’ll try to update blog more frequently with some wires or renders maybe. Time will show.

Thanks for patience.



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