Speedies: Theme 4

We have finished Theme #4 a week ago. Themes #1-3 were strictly about hard surface modeling but this time we focused on organics. I always felt like I needed more practice in this area to be honest, so it was a good opportunity to learn something entirely new.

We planned to create a whole human figure but it quickly turned out that other Speedies members were pretty busy with their own stuff and couldn’t fully join me with this struggle. Eventually I went into „lazy mode” and modeled only main human head features, so I don’t have much to show you here aside of few wireframe images.

Anyway, I must admit that although my first head attempt was pretty sluggish, I’m quite satisfied with the final result. Here are some wireframes:



As you can see the topology is not so great in certain areas, cheeks for example, but overall shape is there.

If you’re interested in watching timelapse videos you can find some here: ear modeling, nose modeling, but that’s all I could upload as most of my recordings got corrupted due to some problems with CamStudio compatibility on Windows 7… Fortunately enough I solved it already and will upload more videos regarding Theme #5 soon. In fact I have few already compressed.

By the way, Theme #5 will be a bit different as it will be the first Speedies collaboration. I’ll reveal more details in a next post, but it looks like it will be much bigger than our previous projects. I might divide it into few „work in progress” posts with wireframes, videos and few test renders maybe, so stay tuned. Here’s a little teaser for you.

Thanks for stopping by.



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