Speedies: Theme 5.3

Here’s an update on our Space Shuttle project. Up to the last post almost every single polygon in the scene has been created by me. I was pretty  busy with other work so the whole project was on hold. Fortunately Piotr “Toast” Dacewicz found some time to help me with modeling and created a bunch of well crafted lego pieces.

Toast is a great modeler. Every piece was carefully measured to highest degree of accuracy (using real LEGO bricks) and poly modeled in 3ds max. You can find some of his fantastic work below.

I instanced his parts many many times over the scene. It’s a boring work, believe me 🙂 . That’s how it looks at this point (click for highrez):

Some stats:

  • 120 unique meshes
  • 824 instances
  • 308 011 raw faces (around 12M vertices render time)

Looks like we have around 70% of modeling done. Theres still lots of challenging bricks ahead though… I should have a bit more time to model some more this week and Sergo (another Speedies member) has prepared few more bricks that have to be reviewed, imported and instanced so there’s some progress.

I plan to rig the whole model once modeling phase is finished, but that’s future.

If you’re interested in how the scene looks real-time take a look at this video. It was recorded a week ago, so most of Toasted bricks are missing. You can watch it in HD if you wish, but you’ll have to go to vimeo site.

We have created a little tumblr blog too. Be sure to subscribe to RSS if you want to get news about this and other projects more frequently: http://speedies3d.tumblr.com/.

You can also talk with me or other guys directly on our IRC channel:

#Speedies at freenode.net (webchat link)

Finally, I may post some updates on my twitter from time to time too 🙂



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