Speedies: Theme 5.4

It’s a high time for a little update on our LEGO collab project. Those of you who have been following speedies blog or speedies twitter might have noticed a bunch of images posted yesterday. I’ve found some time to sort all parts, assemble them in the main scene and run a couple of test renders.

I’m pleased to say that we are close to finish with the modeling phase. At this point there are only 22 components left (13 unique lego parts) to be modeled, reviewed and instanced. We still have to make all electric wires, rubber belts and stickers but it shouldn’t take much time. When it’s all done we’ll rig the whole thing and render a couple of final shots. Here’s one preview I did today (full rez here).

The image was stitch from 2 renders. Each baked roughly 6 hours.

As you can see theres lots of new, tricky parts. Most of them were done by Sergey Eizhvertinsh, so big kudos to Sergov for joining in! Piotr did few more as well, amazing quality as always. A couple of them were done by me too, but most of my attention was focused on assembling it all into one nice scene and coordinating our work.

As every long term project this one gives me a lot of satisfaction and opportunity to learn new stuff. Can’t wait to explore rigging in modo!

I’ll write more details about our workflow next time so stay tuned. In the meantime you can subscribe to speedies twitter to get notifications each time a new part is assembled.



7 thoughts on “Speedies: Theme 5.4”

  1. This looks really cool. I was looking over a bunch of your stuff to try and find this out, but couldn’t find it — what program do you use for 3d modeling? I’ve been looking to try out fryrender, but the only program I currently have is google sketchup. While this works, it seems like there must be better tools out there for this sort of modeling.


    1. I use modo for polymodeling and scene assembly. It’s quite cheap comparing to “big” packages and relatively easy to learn (lots of training materials). Oh, and it works with Fry too 🙂

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